SEDS-USA Annual Chapter Dues/Renewal
As students ourselves, the SEDS-USA Board and Staff knows that your favorite part of exploring and developing space is...


Well, no, of course not, but keeping dues paid and information up to date makes everything we actually like to do possible. Thank you for your continued efforts, and for taking a moment to fill this out. It is wonderful to see your chapter going strong after another year, sharing your love for space and strengthening the national organization.

Council of Chapters Chair - Gautham Viswaroopan
National Secretary - Christopher Bert
National Treasurer - Daniel Hirst

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Do you hold a leadership position within your chapter? If so, what is your role?

Later, we will ask for the contact information of your chapter's president/co-president(s), vice president, and CoC representative. (If you are a co-president, please select that instead of president; later, you will be prompted for their information too)

Chapter Information

What is the name of your school or university? *

Please provide the full name of your sheltering institution.
e.g. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
What is the name of your chapter?

How do you refer to yourselves?
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Does your chapter have a dedicated email address that you would like SEDS-USA to use?

Does your chapter have a dedicated physical address to which SEDS-USA can send mail? (just fun things like merch and chapter grant checks, we promise)

What is that address?

Chapter Leadership

Time to provide details about your partners in crime!
President: First Name

If your chapter has co-presidents, fill in the other one here.
President: Last Name

If your chapter has co-presidents, fill in the other one here.
Vice President: First Name

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Does your chapter have a Council of Chapters representative? *

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Please indicate which chapter officer also serves as the CoC representative.

Having an active representative to the Council of Chapters is crucial to participation in the SEDS-USA organization. Please seek to appoint or elect someone to bring your chapter's voice to the national conversation, we want to hear from you!

Dues Payment

How will you be paying your chapter's dues? *

That's fine, the Board of Directors will help you work out an alternative method. Have you contacted a board member? *

If you have not received an email within a week or so, please either re-send the email or try another/combination of board member(s). Rest assured that the email is evidence of intent to pay, and that lack of response on our end will not affect your chapter.

Gautham Viswaroopan, CoC Chair -
Christopher Bert, Secretary -
Daniel Hirst, Treasurer -
Please contact a board member if you wish to establish a method of paying dues other than by credit/debit.

Gautham Viswaroopan, CoC Chair -
Christopher Bert, Secretary -
Daniel Hirst, Treasurer -
Awesome, thanks for the info!
Chapter Dues are {{var_price}} annually (Nov. 1 each year), and we need them to continue your membership!

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It is the chapters that makes SEDS-USA  great, so from the Board of Directors and all of your fellow space students, thank you in advance for another great year!

Ad Astra!
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