Welcome to the Spring 2018 Grant Application. SEDS-USA is giving away grants to deserving SEDS Chapters within the US. The application deadline has been extended to March 24th 11:59pm PST. The grant money given away can be used for a variety of projects, events, outreach, etc. There are no serious restrictions, as long as it is related to the exploration or development of space. Good luck! If you have any questions about the application reach out to our Grant Manager Kiana Estrada at kiana.estrada@seds.org
What University SEDS chapter do you represent? *

Who is in charge of the project? *

How much money are you requesting? *

Do you have any other form of  funding? *

Will this project or event be an annual thing? Or a one time deal? *

What level of experience do you have with managing a team and a budget? *

What are your goals for this project/event/outreach? *

Written Proposal *

If your proposal is chosen, where should the award be sent to (address) and who should it be made out to? *

Awards are sent in the form of a check, please use a mailing address that is frequently checked
Thank you for applying! Remember that the deadline for this application is March 24th. All money will be distributed within two weeks or sooner of the deadline.
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