Welcome to the summer 2017 grant application. SEDS-USA is giving away grants to deserving SEDS chapters within the US. The application will be due on May 15th, 2017 at 11:59 (HST). The grant money given away can be used for a variety of projects, events, outreach, etc. There are no serious restrictions, as long as it is related to the exploration or development of space. Good luck!
What University SEDS chapter do you represent? *

Who is in charge of the project? *

Name, email, and mailing address. (So we can send you that fat check)
How much money are you requesting? *

Give us a number, but try not to ask for more than $1,500.00 please.
Do you have any other form of funding? *

You may not be able to fund your entire project with the grant money we give you, but surely there are other forms of funding? Let us know!
Will this project or event be an annual thing? Or a one time deal?

What level of experience do you have with managing a team and a budget? *

We are hoping you don't plan to blow it all on a Lamborghini (not that we will even give you enough for a down-payment). Let us know about your managing experience.
What are your goals for this project/event/outreach/etc? *

What are you trying to accomplish with this money?
Written Proposal *

Please upload a word doc of your proposal.
-Detail explanation of your project
-Explanation of budget line items
-Overview of timeline for event or project
-Make sure to tell us about your team
-Who is your inteneded audience?
-Can you make any money off of this project?
-Is this for a competition or just for fun?
-Any other important information related to your project
Thank you for applying! Remember that the deadline for this application is May 15th, 2017 by 11:59pm (HST). All money will be distributed by May 31st, 2017.
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