Exciting stuff! Let's get a new SEDS Chapter started at your school!
The process is easy: fill out this form so we know where and who you are. At the end you'll be asked to pay a $50 dues fee which covers the year through November 1. Once you finish up, our Council of Chapters Chair, Sam, will contact you to answer any questions you might have and let you know about next steps. Sam will also help you with any final steps you need to get ready as a SEDS chapter. Once that's done you'll be a full-fledged Chapter with the support of SEDS-USA and with dozens of other Chapters' experience behind you! If you have any questions before filling out this form, please contact Sam at sam.albert@seds.org.
Looking to start a chapter, eh? Awesome! At what U.S. university?

For high schools, please contact the Chair of the Council of Chapters, Sam, at sam.albert@seds.org.
Great, are you going to be the Chapter President/Leader?

Well then, thanks for stepping up! Can we get your First Name? *

Great, how about your Last Name? *

Okay, then who is? Can we get a First Name? *

Last name? *

Cool. What's a good Mailing Address for the chapter? *

Let's start with just the street:
Continuing on, what about City, State and Zip Code? *

City, ST 10100
Need a second Address Line? *

For an apartment number, for example.
Go ahead and enter your Apartment Number here.

Right on. What kind of activities is your chapter interested in? *

This will be made public to the chapter representatives and will be their basis for voting you in, so make it sound good!
What made you want to start a SEDS Chapter? *

Again, this will be given to the chapter reps for them to decide your fate as a new SEDS chapter.
Where did you hear about SEDS? *

Huh, where was that?

Is your school a federally recognized HBCU?

Historically Black Colleges and Universities
Awesome, thanks for the info!
Chapter Dues are {{var_price}} annually (Nov. 1 each year), and we need them to start the process.

(Don't worry, we have dozens of chapters that have all gone through this process, and if you want to e-mail any of us to make sure we're the real deal, you can do so via our contact page at seds.org/board-and-staff.)
Please enter your Credit or Debit Card number: *

The CVC number: *

(3 or 4 digit security number on the back of your card)
The name on your card: *

Your card's expiry month: *

Your card's expiry year: *

You're all set!
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