2018-2019 Board of Directors@@
Candidate Application
Thank you for taking an interest in leading SEDS-USA in the coming year! You are the reason our organization is so great and will continue to be so for students and alumni into the future.

In addition to completing this form, you are expected to deliver a 1-minute speech on the day of the election. If you are at SpaceVision, this will be in person. Otherwise, we will attempt to have you call in, but can take video or written presentations to be delivered on your behalf. Details on this process will be posted at seds.org/elections

Remember, while this isn't the hardest job in the world, we DO expect dedicated members that are interested in working hard and making SEDS-USA the best it possibly can be. If you have any questions about expectations or how current members have navigated their responsibilities in these roles, feel free to contact any of the Board of Directors and check out our election page: http://seds.org/elections/
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Thank you for stepping up to build the future of SEDS-USA, and good luck on election day. Ad Astra!
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